Death to All Juice

When I posted this picture of a supposedly Muslim guy in New York holding a sign saying “Death to all Juice“, I did not know that the image was not a solo incident, but part of a series – the almost-meme even had a tshirt dedicated to it!

Last month, a researcher friend from MIT forwarded me a very similar picture of the same placard but with a different protester, more muslim looking this time, and told me that the images were being passed around in MIT and Stanford over email, eliciting the usual muslim hate comments that we are all so used to.

A google search told me that most of the people were ridiculing the illiterate ‘moon-bat mozzies’ in the picture for not being able to spell (here, here and here), while a Jihad Watch commenter attributed it to be the work of a certain ‘Jouseff Al-Khattab, with some clever use of language ‘calling for genocide without getting busted for hate speech’. A certain commenter from claimed to have taken the ‘hilarious pic of illiterate NY moonbat’ and claimed to have witnessed the guy getting arrested – according to the squirrel, the incident occurred in December.



Death to All Juice



Now if I had more time to write, I would have pointed out the 100% matching font in all images, which would mean that the placard is actually available as printed posters (in which case, I would love to have a copy!) – the less plausible explanations being that either that there is a single placard to go around, one that gets shared by all these protesters during the multiple protests, or a single guy writing out these messages for all the muslim hatemongers. As I saw the “Death to all Juice” placard in October 2008 first, but the second appearance is supposed to be from a December 2008 protest, so it can’t be a single placard. I would have also pointed out that the font in all the placards is identical to the font used on this T-shirt, which makes me wonder what came first, the tshirt or the placard(s).



Unfortunately, since I have already exhausted my monthly blogging time limit, and since the images have managed to convince many top-brains researching in the top US universities (some of them neuroscientists), so I have no option but to agree with the conclusions and comments made on the above webpages before going back to work. Later tonight, I plan to watch Body of Lies, and then perhaps I will go talk to these two guys in my street who are painting something on a wall.



  1. Anil Ramsingh says:

    If you noticed, its the same guy. He’s actually and Isreali Jew.

  2. Syed Hassan says:

    This is stupidity..
    every man on this world should say no to extremism.

  3. me says:

    i take it you haven’t seen this yet?

  4. bleg says:

    Just a quick question: how, exactly, can a person look like a religion?

    Just asking, since you mentioned the placard being held by someone who was “Muslim-looking”.

    • Plok says:

      on the second pic the right guy seems to be “jewish-looking”
      and on the fourth pic it’s a “muslim-looking” guy…

      what should we conclude from all this ? just asking

  5. darkman says:


    A priest may look like a religion I suppose.