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Analog Big Clocks, Digital Encyclopedias

Sorry about the “Big” in the title, yes, it is out of place, but I thought ABCDE would look pretty. Thanks to KDE and its plasmoids, I have rediscovered analog clocks this week – the last time I checked (pun intended), I was using a digital clock all the time (pun not intended – seriously), […]

My First Day with KDE4 on Ubuntu Hardy Heron

Back in the 90s, I used to install and reinstall Windows 95 over and over again due to one reason or another (and I am sure it was the same for any Windows user). The last time I did a clean install, though, was 2 years ago, when I bought this laptop and killed the […]

Hardy Heron – First Impressions

I just finished a clean install of Kubuntu Hardy Heron + KDE4 on my dual-boot laptop (Dell Inspiron 9400). My initial plan was to upgrade my Gutsy installation, but my harddisk was almost out of space, and upon research, I found out that resizing an ext3 Linux partition that is after an NTFS partition physically […]

The Pope Tells American Clergymen How to Do It Right

I would have written a witty comment here but I’m too busy LOL’ing Click here.

Kids Songs, Adult Songs and why Superman is like the US of A

When my son Harris was three, he used to go to sleep while listening to Nirvana, Pink Floyd and Alanis Morissette, so it is ironic that I found this video when I was searching for kids songs for him on youtube: and while we are listening to songs, here’s some good advice that you may […]