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PTCL Broadband Cuts Rates (or Doubles Bandwidth) And removes the download limit

I heard the (semi-verified) rumor that PTCL is doubling its bandwidth from tomorrow (1st March 2008). They will be dropping the 256k package, and bringing all costs 1 step down, so the new rates are going to be 512kbps for 1200Rs. and 2Mbps for 5000 Rs.! That is a step closer to the rates that […]

LESCO Please Give Me My Life Back

Dear LESCO, You knew about the (then) impending power crisis of 2007 way back in 2004 and I was glad you didn’t do a thing about it, besides blaming rains, coal shortages and the crumbling infrastructure in the four years that followed. Not many people see the wisdom in that , but I am not […]

Out of the frying pan

I live near the Lahore Airport, and in the last 5-6 years, I NEVER lost any time due to deliberate traffic blocks on the Sarfaraz Raffiqui Road (the entrance to my neighborhood). Yes, there used to be blocks and “naakas” for checking, and there were blocks due to diverted traffic, but there were no “OMG-MR-XYZ-IS-COMING-BLOCK-ALL-ROADS-LOOK-SHARP-STOP-THE-TRAFFIC-SIGNALS” […]

Election Commission of Pakistan “Hacker Free” Website

(Sorry about the waving flag, couldn't resist the temptation). With nothing better to do, I just visited the Election Commission of Pakistan Election Results website (yes, that's the sequel (no pun intended) to the state-of-the-art live voter database website that I wrote about here , the one that can't find me, thereby making me […]

Freelancers and Consultants Must Read This is a blog full of insights and resources for the freelancers and consultants of the world (For those wondering about what's the difference between the two, this link provides a good explanation). They conducted a survey last year, and published the results of the survey today. You can download the survey results here.  A […]