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Mush Address at 2300, Blog While You Can

I just got news from a reliable army guy that we are all set for martial law. The cable news channels (including PTV – "Baakhabar Pakistan") are going off after every few minutes, so I'll wait till 11PM before checking again. The President of Pakistan address is scheduled at 2300 – probably so that people […]

Musharraf’s Two Hat Tricks and Pro-BB CNN

Despite my aversion to political commentary, I couldn't help checking out the couple of remaining news channels that are still online. One of those channels has a news ticker saying: "Chief of the Army Staff Pervaiz Musharraf has imposed a state of emergency…" and immediately afterwards: "President of Pakistan Pervaiz Musharraf will address the nation […]

Robert J. Sawyer, Pakistan, Synchronicity and Last Minute Changes

Robert J. Sawyer, winner (and multiple times nominee) of Hugo and Nebula awards, has become one of my favorite science fiction authors recently. I was reading one of his novels "Flashback" last week, and noticed a small mistake where it said: "Islamabad, Pakistan (autotranslated from the original Arabic): In my vision, I have two arms-but […]

I Don’t Like Yahoo, Seriously!

I have started to dislike Yahoo!, and it is only a matter of time before this disliking turns into hate. Here’s why…