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Tag test

Testing the Tag Warrior plugin… it mentions using .htaccess so I hope this works… here goes… UPDATE: It didn’t work 🙁 I was getting 404 on the local tag links, so had to disable it. Trying other plugins now. UPDATE: Ultimate Tag Warrior didn’t work, two other tagging plugins didn’t work, now trying jerome’s keyword […]

Age is not just a number

Reorganizing my online presence is one of the items on my agenda this month. It includes updating my profiles on the 100+ websites that I have become a member of in the last 10 years or so. Today, I started with editing my Yahoo profile, and here’s what I had in the ‘age’ field:   […]

Switching from Community Server to WordPress

The last time I started blogging, I chose Telligent’s .TEXT (later renamed to Community Server) after some research on the options available. It was the sensible choice at that time because 1- It used the (then hot) .NET with SQL Server, which I was playing with.2- It was Open Source.3- I had a feeling the […]

The beginning of the end

I turned 30 on the 8th of April. For many people on this planet, this marks the end of half of their life. My son turned 4 two days later, so his life has just begun. (Re)Starting this blog was on my list of things to do before my 30th birthday, and it looks like […]